For the last couple of years, casual relationships have continued to gain popularity. Thanks to the emergence of numerous hookup apps. Actually, it has grown to be a full-blown culture which has been embraced by almost everyone. Recently, you might have observed that many people have set aside serious relationships from it. They have become more committed than ever.

Although many people opt to be casual, there is still considerable stigma around it. You can attest that a large group of daters prefer to point fingers. Both men and women are well known to do this. In most case, men are seen are weird characters with no morals. In short, they are horny boys who have no traceable emotions. On the other hand, girls are viewed as sluts. We are heading to a direction where it will be quite difficult maintaining a healthy relationship.

Moreover, you can attest that many people are not interested in marriage and monogamous relationships. For that reason, there is no surprise when you see more people turning to casual relationships. Then if you are one of those people who have decided to follow that direction, you will learn how to avoid getting ashamed while having fun in bed with your partner.

Have reasons why you are dating casually  

You need to analyze things which have driven you into casual dating. This will happen only when you have cleared everything with yourself. Are you so busy with your work such that you find it hard being in a committed relationship? Are you tired of long term relationship? Do you need to take a break from all that while still enjoying quality sex? Have you been cheated in the past such that you can’t trust any other person?

These are just some of the common reasons why many people get into a causal relationship. In these ways, you will be in a position to reinforce your will whether to date casually or not. And in that case, you will be able to fight anyone who tries to shame you. Those in hookup culture are perceived as people who don’t want to think. Therefore, they get into casual dating simply because they want to make it easy for themselves. But if you know all these things, you will be in a position to explain why you made that decision.

We are Sexual Beings

Sex has always been put as a public secret in many cultures. Talking about your sexuality in public is not accepted. It is an immoral act. There is nothing wrong with having sex. It is very enjoyable. We all need sex for pleasure. Away from that, having sex improves your mental focus. Even if you are not in a relationship you still need to have sex as well. There is a stigma around sex simply because the overall culture is open towards sex. People aren’t shy of talking about it.

Believe in yourself  

Before you have casual dating, it is better to have a talk with yourself. There are numerous reasons you should to do it. It will help you clear some doubts and come up with relevant conclusions. One of the most important things you need to decide on is whether casual dating fits you. Although many people think they need to have it, they are not very sure about the right time to go through with it. If you and your partner have not decided on whether to have casual dating or not, then you might also be in doubt too.

Be Responsible for what you are doing

Casual relationship is known with a lack of responsibility. Nowadays, there are many people who have casual sex with their partners while lying to them. Even if their intentions are discovered, nobody should condemn them. In the end, their partners feel exhausted being in love which they don’t get the deserved reassurance. Which is the best way then? As for now, the most effective way is to simply be the opposite. Having casual sex doesn’t mean that you can’t be responsible.

Be transparent to your partner if you have other sex buddies. Whether you’re a guy or a woman, make sure that you have a code concerning protection. Bring protection at all times.

Top 10 Hookup Tips for Girls

In the world of dating today it can sometimes get confusing and overwhelming with all of the different information out there about what to do. Here is a list of some tips to help girls who might be looking for and having hookups, because you want to be safe and making good decisions about who you spend your time with. Below is a top ten hookup list filled with tips and dating advice that’s just for girls.

1. Don’t Assume

You might have some assumptions about men already like all men are dishonest or cheaters, but you cannot put them all into one box. Some will surely surprise you and there are still godo men out there. You also cannot judge a book by the cover, so when you are looking for someone who you might have a night with, go slow and get to know the real them.

2. Be Your Best Self

You want to show off your best self and impress the person you are trying to get to know, whether that be for a hookup or something more meaningful after, so you need to take care of your body. Eat well and make sure to exercise, dress like you care about how you look and others will respond to that. If you want a man that dresses well then he might expect the same from you.

3. Engaged Communication

When you are getting to know the person a good hookup tips golden rule to remember is you want to look them in the eye and stay engaged, show some active listening that you are paying attention to what they are saying. Let them know that you care about what they have to say and don’t just stare at your phone all night.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Flirt

Now is the time girls to flirt with whoever you want, it’s fun getting to know someone you might be attracted to and flirting can really give you a better sense of attraction. Take the time to feel them out, flirt with the way you dress, carry yourself, how you put on your makeup. It all goes together in how you present yourself and you can be either very flirtatious or held back, if you are looking for a hookup then be sure to flirt. All dating advice will tell you that it is important to flirt, teasing someone you are interested in can be more fun than you would know.

5. Don’t Have Too Much To Drink

You want to be able to remember the night so another hookup tips golden rule is to avoid drinking so much that you do not remember what happened or that you make bad decisions you might later regret. Know what you are doing, be careful and safe, and that means don’t have too much to drink that night. This is an important tip for girls to remember.

6. Be Open With What You Want

If you are having a hookup then the chances are you will never see that person again, now is the time to explore fun and exciting fantasies and see what you might fancy. Get bizarre and dare to try something new, you might end up having an amazing time and finding something new that you are really interested in. This is where girls can gain experience, make unforgettable memories.

7. Be Daring

If you want to get a little wild then now is the time to do that during a hookup, don’t be afraid to tell the partner what you might be interested in trying. You don’t want to be unsatisfied and they surely want to make sure that you enjoy yourself, the best way to do that is to let them know exactly how you like it and what you want.

8. Be Safe During Sex

Most important of all girls, hookup tips cardinal rule is to practice safe sex at all times. You don’t want to really regret something later because of one crazy night that you had. Be safe and take precautions to get condoms or something else that can help you to be prepared for the night ahead. It is better to have them and be safe than not have them and regret.

9. Have An Amazing Time

You only get one life girls and you should enjoy it, making memories and sometimes that includes hookups for girls on occasion. This is how you eventually go on to find someone long-term later on, you need to start dating at first. And that includes hookups. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be safe, you can’t enjoy, and you can’t learn something from it.

10. Pay Attention To How You Feel

Don’t be afraid to like him, if you do then let him know girls, but don’t be obsessed from the start if you can help it. Nobody likes that. You never know when a hookup might turn into something else and the best dating advice is to take it slow because you never know who you are dealing with until you truly get to know a person, so be patient and cautious, careful, and spend the time to listen and get to know them.

The Ultimate Guide to Meeting Trannies

Are you a tranny with an alternative sexual preference? If so, worry no more since this piece will provide you with the ways of navigating through the murky waters of being a tranny. It is common knowledge that if you’re a tranny, finding someone with the same sexual orientation can be a daunting task, if not disheartening in equal measure.

The search is made difficult by those clinging on to retrogressive cultures and are yet to embrace trannies as part of today’s society. Nonetheless, alternative ways exist that you can use to get your perfect match and meet trannies.

Online Platforms

The advent of technology has eased the lives of human beings a great deal. With technology, you can now seamlessly search for and get a tranny partner. Such a partner will appreciate you and not look at you through prejudiced lenses of discrimination. Searching for potential tranny dates online is one of the best and safest ways to embark on your search. The best thing with carrying out an online search is that you can search for a tranny date at the comfort and privacy of your home.

The internet is the best alternative for those looking forward to expressing themselves to people of the same sexual orientation. One of the best transsexual dating websites that will guarantee you a perfect match is Upon visiting the site, you will find a loving online community that is easy to interact with and eventually land a date. Your privacy is further guaranteed since the website is an independent dating site for trannies.

How to Register

Once on the website, you’ll be amazed at how it is easy to register. The process is made more straightforward since you do not need to provide your details. You will easily create your profile armed with your gender, region, location, and a creative username. Most importantly, ensure that you choose a username that resonates with your personality since you will use it for the rest of your membership.

Additionally, you’ll also need a valid email address when registering. The email will be used to send notifications as well as the link that you’ll use to verify your account. After clicking the verification link, you’ll be directed to your profile. The best thing about is that you can customize your profile and add details regarding your ‘about me’ section as well as your preferences.

Features Available in the Website offers its clients a wide array of features. Notably, they also give you the opportunity of trying out their features free of charge. Upon signing up, you will be provided with a basic membership. Despite being a trial membership, the basic membership can still provide you with immense benefits.

Some of the benefits include setting up your profile and customizing it according to your preferences. Furthermore, you will also be able to upload videos and photos as a way of adding pomp and making your profile attractive. Apart from that, you will also be able to search for transvestites, cross dressers, and trannies who are within your locality.

Ability to Communicate

The basic membership also allows you to communicate via email with others on the platform. You will be able to send a limited number of emails to those you wish to communicate with. Having a good profile and username increases the propensity of communication since it makes your profile more aesthetically appealing to others. The limitation of basic membership is that it only allows you to view and search the profiles and default photos of members. As a free member, the platform will enable you to add other members to their Blocked lists and friends.

Access to Advanced Features

Although basic membership gives you the chance to interact with others, it only accords you a few privileges. Therefore, you may want to upgrade to a gold premium membership if you find the features in basic membership somewhat dull. The advanced gold premium membership will allow you to send an unlimited number of emails to members. You’ll be amazed by the voice and video chat feature that is available for all premium members.

Being a tranny can be a lonesome experience. As such, you may want to find a place where you will receive solace and appreciation from fellow trannies. The best place to meet trannies is definitely

Amber Lynn’s T-Girl Tips & Tricks

A close look behind the scenes…

There’s an old saying, “Life is full of adventure.” I cannot argue with this old adage because so many new things are taking place in my life. I thought this would be the perfect time for me to give you a close look at my typical day.

I’m focused and motivated to reach new milestones this year. This is the primary reason why I’ve been working extremely hard. I am creating fresh content, adding exciting features to the website, and meeting intriguing people via social networks. It’s also imperative for me to mention that I have learned new things about technology.

To be honest, it’s been extremely difficult for me to hang out with my girlfriends lately. However, I believe that making these sacrifices will pay big dividends in the long run.

Photos:  I added new sexy slide show photo galleries I’m shy when it comes to interacting with people, but I love showing off for the camera. I enjoy taking seductive shots that show a shemale in compromising positions with their partner.

I hope you enjoy my new pictures. I enjoyed taking them for you. Please let me know how you feel about them. Hearing feedback from you keeps me motivated.

Videos: I cannot give you an exact count of the videos being added to the website. I’m in the process of editing new videos for my YouTube channel.

At first, I thought that I would do a few videos and concentrate on other things. However, my videos have become popular over time. To my surprise, I really enjoy doing videos. Please let me know what you think about them. As usual, I enjoy reading your comments. Please keep in mind that I am open to receiving constructive criticism.

Twitter: Social media has put me in position to keep in touch with my followers or fans. I share short bits of information on my Twitter account. This is an easy way for me to communicate with everyone.

Chat Room: I decided to add a T-girl chat room to my website. There’s no charge for you to take part, and it stays open twenty-four hours a day!

The chat room will give you a golden opportunity to meet intriguing people around the world. It’s moderated closely by a few of my business associates. Please read the rules before you sign-in and respect everyone in the room. Having intelligent conversations with others in the chat room will help you learn more about shemale dating.

I sincerely hope you make an earnest effort to stay in touch with me. I plan on releasing more exciting news very soon!

Would you do it over again? You cannot imagine how many times this question has been presented to me. I cannot help but look at the mistakes that I have made throughout my life. At the end of the day, I think that I am fortunate to be in my position.

When I decided to become a shemale, I knew that I was facing a huge challenge. I was worried about the reaction that I would get from my family and friends. I was under the impression that they would reject me if I pursued this path.

Besides being concerned about the feedback from my family and friends, I was also worried about losing my job. I did not know if my company would accept my transitioning.

Luckily for me, everything went well. My friends and family were supportive. My company also stated they would stand behind me. This brought tears to my eyes!

The early stage of transitioning was not smooth. It took awhile for me to learn how to apply make-up on my face, and I had to wear silicone breasts. I knew that it would take some time for me to get comfortable with my new look.

I should have joined an outreach group for transgendered women. I believe things would have been easier with their support.

Everything was going well at work until I had a problem with a co-worker. He was homophobic and took it upon himself to harass me daily. I said, “Enough is enough!” I stood up for myself. I had choice words for him. Unfortunately, this confrontation led to me losing my job.

I updated my resume and jumped into the job market. I was granted interviews, but I did not get any call backs due to my appearance.

Shemale dating was also a big issue for me during the early days of my transition. I had difficulty finding a guy that would be genuine and accept me unconditionally. I finally found a gentleman who had a strong attraction for transgendered women. We dated for two years. We broke up, but I learned that there is a market for shemale dating.

I’m now at the point where I am not concerned about how people view me. It’s my responsibility to make myself happy.

What’s my advice for anyone thinking about becoming a full-time transgendered woman? I recommend that you save your money. You need money to transition. Make sure you are on point with your HRT and be ready to find a new job. There’s a possibility that your current employer may fire you.

I am 34 years old. I get sad at times because I don’t think I will have enough time to enjoy being a woman. I have several surgeries lying ahead. Despite that, I am determined to reach my goal. One day, I will be able to enjoy the benefits that come with being a woman in our society.

My last piece of advice, “Please be ready for the challenge.”

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