Trandr: A Dating App for Transgender People that Operates a Lot Like Tinder

Transgenders have always had it rough trying to navigate the murky world of dating. While cisgenders have it easy, so long as they have a nice photo and a well-edited profile, trans people try twice as much as cisgender people to find that one match that might actually be interested in going out with them.

In other words, transgenders have to put it more work to get the same number of matches as cisgender, or even fewer.

Fortunately, that’s soon to end, thanks to the introduction of a new app by the name transdr, the people in the transgender community, for once, have an app that’s specifically dedicated to people of their kind.

The app operates a lot like Tinder, hence the tag line “Tinder for trans people”, where the people in the transgender community sign up to connect with reliable life partners and friends.

While the app was developed with transgender users in mind, it’s legitimately thought to be suited with all kinds of trans-attracted people.

Launched in match 2018, the app is currently available gratis, despite stacking almost similar features as Tinder and Grindr.

Speaking of which, the app users have the option to either swipe right and left on the profiles presented to them depending on their preference and interest. And if it happens that a user they had swiped right also swipes right on their end, the two are matched and are free to go ahead and chat to learn more about each other and maybe organize a date.

Even better is that the app allows users to filter users by narrowing down their preferences and interests. That way, users don’t go through the hassle of sampling through a long list of matches they may live to never want to go out with.

Suffice it to say, this is the meeting ground for trans-attracted people that have a hard time landing a serious date.

The biggest hurdle the app has to contend with is the derogatory remarks constantly issued by trans-phobic people. It’s just a year since the app was launched — and already, the bulk of the search terms people use to find the app are derogatory in nature, with a good number of the people trying to find the app using terms such as shemales and tranny.

The sad bit is that the marketing team behind the app has to factor in these terms in their marketing strategy, particularly SEO. The company makes it clear that the use of such terms is specifically for marketing purpose and is NOT in any intended to offend anyone.

The issue of transgenders has been a sensitive one and an area of concern for time immemorial, something that had earlier on prompted even some of the already established dating apps to include a section for transgender people. Started with tinder in 2016, when it came up with an option for their users to specify their gender identity.

Dating hasn’t been all rosy for trans people. They’ve always had it rough trying to overcome the social stigma surrounding the issue of transgender. It’s everyone’s hope and dream that this app changes everything so the transgenders can have a normal dating life as everyone else in the world.

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